Perspectives and Recommendations on Documents and Records Management Systems as Knowledge Management Capabilities: Case Studies

Jean-Pierre Booto Ekionea, Ph.D

This study addresses the role of data and information management in organizational capabilities and
performance. For public Organizations to achieve optimal organizational performance, they need to
improve the way they identify, organize, protect, and deploy data and information. In this investigation,
case studies are performed on two Public Organizations. The aim is to understand the current level of
records management capabilities and propose an “ideal” mechanism that will raise these two public
organizations’ records management systems to a level of excellence. A data information and, knowledge
management capabilities maturity model is used within these two public organizations. The objective is to
qualitatively validate the model in the context of public records management; and to apply this model to
help these organizations to improve their documents and records management systems and knowledge
management capabilities. Findings show that the both organizations waste time on document searches
and knowledge retrieval.