Organizational Culture And Public Service: A Study About A Scientific Production From 1945 To 2019

Profa. Dra. Ivana Carneiro
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The aim of this study is to raise the state of the art of scientific production about the organizational culture in the public service through a bibliometric study. The research has a theoretical nature of quantitative approach and descriptive exploratory character, reflecting the production of the theme from 1945 to 2019. The data collection technique chosen was documentary research, and the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The database used as source of the analyzed articles was the vase Web Of Science, network analysis through Vos Viewer. As a result, it was noticed that studies of culture in the public service are directed towards the new service delivery requirements and changes in the State structural system in most of the world. This implies a continuity of studies which aim the understanding of this new игровые автоматы делюкс dynamic with a view to promote new ways of looking and acting in public service.